Why do we feel shocked when we listen to classical music?

When it comes to classical music, many people feel that “classical music is too elegant, too small and too far away from their own life.”; Or “classical music appreciation is full of barriers, they do not understand music theory, it is difficult to” understand. “. In fact, take off the high cold vest of classical music, you will find it in our ears:


Classic movies often use classical music as climax music to show people’s deepest and most intense emotional changes. For example, in Douban’s highest rated movie Shawshank Redemption, the protagonist Andy secretly played a piece of music through the prison radio. In this short piece of music, he got the most free moment in his life. Even the faces of those prisoners who have long been used to despair also show their longing for the future and for a beautiful life.

The magic song is Mozart’s the wedding of Figaro.

Mozart's the wedding of Figaro
Mozart’s the wedding of Figaro

On weekdays, the name of this song may not be enough to attract you to listen to, but when it appears in the Shawshank Redemption, it can easily move anyone.

When you hear the above song of vagrants, do you think of the scene in Stephen Chow’s movie Kung Fu when he was chased by a hired woman?

In addition to these songs, when you were a child playing Tetris, what you unconsciously hummed to the background music was actually “trepaco” in Tchaikovsky’s Ballet The Nutcracker;

Don’t say you know nothing about classical music. You’ve heard a lot of classical music, and you’ve been shocked and moved.

Whether it’s active cognition or passive acquisition, as long as you’re still watching movies, shopping malls, playing mobile phones, or brushing the web, classical music is in our ears, not as cold as you think.

This ubiquitous classical music has a history of more than 1000 years: in the middle ages, it was the monks chanting hymns in unison, and the sound reverberated in the open monastery; Two hundred years ago, it evolved into Beethoven’s dedicated to Alice, which is used to express love for the girl; Then, it became a repertoire used by Paganini and Liszt to show off their superb skills

Classical music has been changing dramatically in the course of history. It is no longer exclusive music for nobles. Every ordinary person can feel its beauty. It sounds good. More importantly, classical music conveys to us all kinds of delicate, complex, rich and unspeakable emotions and emotions. It tells a part of people’s daily life, It is the background of people’s spiritual world.

But it is undeniable that the world of classical music has its own common sense and rules. Besides perceiving the “good listening” of classical music, if we want to appreciate classical music more deeply, we really need to get rid of the obstacles such as music theory knowledge and European history.

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