The greatest people love to listen to classical music, even these “senior villains”

“Listening to music is like falling in love,” Murakami said

Einstein said: “death means that Mozart’s music can no longer be heard.”

In jobs’s well-known minimalist study, there was only one $200000 stereo in between.

For these people, classical music is an extremely important part of life, which can be compared with love and death. It is a daily ritual of “maintaining the soul”.

For others, classical music is more “practical”. This magical world can open up endless inspiration and reverie.

J. K Rowling once said in the BBC classic “Desert Island Records” that “if you can only choose one record to take to desert island”, she will bring Tchaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto in D major” – a song that she accompanied her when she conceived “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone”, and later ushered in a highlight of her life. When writing, she only listens to classical music, because voice is too distracting.

J. K Rowling
J. K Rowling

In addition to celebrities and masters, many “senior villains” created in films and TV plays are also loyal fans of classical music.

Even if you don’t remember the villain cop in this killer isn’t too cold who needs Beethoven to cheer himself up, or Alex, Beethoven’s fan in clockwork orange, at least Hannibal, the man at the top of the food chain, is absolutely unforgettable.


This psychiatrist with high intelligence is a real fan of classical music. With his elegant posture of eating French food, Bach’s Gothenburg variations, Brandenburg Concerto and even the opera Faust opened his evil “human feast”.

The contrast between blood and elegance creates the unique charm of “elite villain”. Classical music also has multi-dimensional significance

Classical music is “flowing mathematics”, and the rigorous musical structure can help us subtly improve our logical thinking ability and memory.

Classical music is “advanced education”, delicate, full of emotion, let the infiltration of people exude elegant atmosphere.

Classical music even contains some kind of “management thinking”. The perfect control of hearing and the counterpoint of layout and voice require the composer and conductor to play an efficient “management power”, which is also meaningful to the listener.

Of course, not everyone likes classical music.

Even singer Li Jian said that at first he was far away from classical music.

Li Jian: “at that time, many of our classmates were willing to listen to Chopin and Schumann, including Stravinsky. I always felt that they were being artless. But really one day, you learn music, you listen to more time, you can enjoy classical music. Up to now, more than half of the music I listen to every day is classical music. It’s the source of all music, it’s the ocean, all music types are related to it… “

In addition to “listening” to music, “watching” the scene is also the best way to feel the rich feedback of music to body and mind.

Li Jian said that he had seen Wang Jian, a Chinese cellist, playing Tchaikovsky’s first string quartet twice, which shocked him.

Lang Lang also shared his favorite work in the program desert island records, which is Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1. In Lang Lang’s career, he also played Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in every important performance.

The reason why classical music has become a classic is that musicians like Lang Lang and Li Jian, as successors and creators, make classical music continue to move the audience today 300 years later.

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