Introduction to classical music, you can start from these 15 songs!

Classical music has always been liked by many people, but some people think that the threshold of classical music is high, not suitable for their own listening or learning. Today, I bring you 15 pieces of very famous classical music. If you want to get started, you can listen to these 15 pieces of classical music! Next, let’s have a look!

Serenade No. 13 in G major

Mozart created in 1787, is one of his most famous serenade. This work is written for string music and is often used for string ensemble and String Quintet. You may be unfamiliar with the name of this piece of music, but after listening to the audio, you will be very familiar with it. This piece of music, in fact, has long been quietly integrated into every corner of our lives;

To Alice by Beethoven

This piece of music must be more familiar to everyone. It is a piano sketch written by Beethoven in 1810. Its original name is bagatale in a minor. This piece of music had not been published before Beethoven’s death, but was discovered after his death. It can be said that everyone is familiar with this piece of music, and we can hear it in many places;

Puccini’s my dear dad

This aria is selected from Puccini’s one act opera “Jani skiki”. The content of the song is that the girl pleads with her father so that she can pursue the ideal love. And this song “my dear dad” has appeared in various concerts and movies;

Bach’s tokata and Fugue in D minor

This piece of music is an organ music created by Bach. It is one of Bach’s representative works in his youth. Later, it was adapted into orchestral music and piano music by different composers. This piece of music selected D minor, 4 / 4 beat form, the whole song momentum is magnificent.

Toccata: the Renaissance originated in northern Italy. Toccata is highly skilled, generally fast-paced, and has certain restrictions on musical instruments.

Fugue, on the other hand, plays a theme by one voice, and then another voice moves the theme up five degrees or down four degrees to imitate the theme;

Beethoven’s symphony of fate

“Symphony of destiny” is also called “Symphony No. 5 in C minor”, not to mention this one. Speaking of Beethoven or symphony, I believe many people’s first reaction is this “Symphony of destiny”! The most classic melody in this piece of music is short and long melody. Beethoven once called these four notes “the God of destiny knocking at the door”;

Vivaldi’s four seasons

Four seasons is the classic violin music of Italian composer Vivaldi. It describes the different scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter in E major, G minor, F major and F minor respectively. For example, the melody of spring is very light, which makes people feel the vitality of spring;

Summer, on the other hand, is characterized by fatigue, heat and annoyance;

“Autumn” describes the scene of a bumper harvest, farmers drinking and having fun, very happy;

Winter uses music to show people’s unsteady walking on the ice and the scene of heavy snow;

Bicai’s Carmen

Carmen is the last opera of French writer Bizet, and it is also the most familiar one. This opera tells the story of Carmen, a beautiful and stubborn gypsy woman worker, and describes love, desire, jealousy and hatred. Although the genre is opera, the content is tragedy;

The Blue Danube by John Strauss

The work of Johann Strauss, Jr., an Austrian musician and “king of waltzes”, is known as Austria’s “Second National Anthem”. The full name of this piece of music is “beautiful blue danube waltz”;

Ravel’s Bolero

Bolero is an orchestral work created by French composer Maurice Ravel in 1928. Bolero originally refers to a form of Spanish folk dance, but Ravel’s Bolero is not processed on the original form of folk dance, but re created with his own understanding;

The duet of flowers

“The duet of flowers” is selected from the three act opera “lakmay”, written by de Libo. This song has now become one of the most classic duets. When this song appeared, it was a song full of happiness sung by the heroine lakmay and her maid when they were walking in the garden;

Grieg in the palace of the mountain demon

“In the palace of the mountain demon” is a piece of Music Suite written by Grieg for Ibsen’s poetic drama Pell gent, which is also one of the series of “heard but don’t know the name” by many people;

The prelude of Mozart’s Figaro’s wedding

Le Nozze Di Figaro is one of Mozart’s three most famous operas. At the same time, this opera is still one of the most frequently performed operas in major opera houses, which is a classic work loved by many people. Every time I appreciate it, I have different experience;

Puccini no one sleeps tonight

No one sleeps tonight is the most famous aria in the opera Turandot adapted by Giacomo Puccini according to the fairy tale drama. I believe you have heard this aria on many occasions;

Prokofiev’s dance of Knights

This music is selected from the famous ballet “Romeo and Juliet”, and this music appears in a dance in the play. The Knights dance together to show their style. You can also feel the chivalry from the music;

Rossini’s overture to William tyre

The overture of “William retreat” reflects the scene of Swiss soldiers marching bravely. It is selected from Rossini’s opera “William retreat”, but the overture of “William retreat” is more famous than the opera itself and is one of the most frequently performed programs in concerts.

The above are 15 pieces of classical music for you to share today. If this article is helpful to you, please light up “watching” in the lower right corner of the end of the article and share the article so that more people can hear it! You can also leave a message in the comment area to say your favorite music or which music you listened to when you started.

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